jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania sur les écrans français !!!
Film sur lequel j'ai eu le plaisir de travailler en 2008
... et de designer Mavis !

Hotel Transylvania , now in theaters !
it was a great honor for me to work on this feature film
... and to create Mavis !

33 commentaires:

  1. Tes dessins me rendent vraiment impatient de découvrir le film.

  2. WoooooW! Really awsome tribute!
    I love it

  3. ouah .. pas mal !

    un avis ? ^^

  4. Great design and a wonderfully fun film! Congratulations

  5. "Mavis was designed by a girl named Annette Marnat, who lives in France. We’ve never met her. Three years ago, we were going through a bunch of different artists’ blogs when we were looking for character designers, and we came across this blog. She drew really beautiful, fun, quirky girls, and she did a lot of print advertising. We contacted her, and it really didn’t take very long for her to come up with Mavis. We were like, “Oh, my god, she’s amazing! She’s adorable and she’s likable, but she’s sassy and fun. She’s everything a teenager wants and a young girl would strive for.” And then, we became Facebook friends and we saw a picture of her and were like, “Oh, my god, she looks just like Mavis!” She was young and cute and sassy and sweet. So, she found Mavis really quickly. It’s funny because, over the years, often you’ll create a character and then change the design a little bit or you’ll have a different idea because the character’s personality is going in a different direction, but hers never changed. She was universally loved, and she stuck. She’s adorable. "

  6. Saw the film and saw your drawings in the"art of " book and it all made sense. Congrats on the design!!

  7. C'est juste trop beau ! Un grand bravo !

  8. It's pretty much beautiful film. To Watch Hotel Transylvania 2 Online in HD, just click at the provided source.

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